Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Bitten by a Friend..."

No wordless Wednesday today... there is some news to report! As I was signing Grace out of daycare, I noticed that her name was on a piece of paper sticking out from the clipboard. This is never a good thing. This means either your kid got hurt, bit a "friend" or the opposite, bitten by a "friend." Highlighted in orange was "Grace Mills" so I quickly snatched it up to read. "Grace was bitten by a friend today. We cleaned the bite, and gave her hugs and kisses." WHO COULD HAVE DONE SUCH A THING!!?? Bite MY child?? Just kidding... I was very calm and cool about the whole thing. I even joked that I thought she should get a t-shirt for her first bite. She does have a little mark, but I think it will be gone by morning. Hey, what are friends for???!
But since this is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday," here is a picture that just leaves me speechless...

Ok, so I'm not entirely speechless. Have I ever been?? I halfway posted about the beach trip the night we got home. I was just too tired! However, I'm going to work on that this weekend!

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Laceydoo said...

I can't believe how grownup she looks! I'm so sad I haven't seen her in so long. I can't wait until this weekend. I'm following the blog now so I can keep up with how fast she is growing!