Thursday, June 28, 2012

Valentines Day!

This Valentines Day was extra special. Grace looked forward to this day since last year she was sick and missed her class party. She got a big surprise delivery at school - balloons and a bear from Mommy and Daddy! We love you, too, Jack but we really didn't think you'd notice if you got anything or not.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My big Christmas present from Jon - an IPhone 4!!! There are so many things to love about this phone but my favorite is taking photos.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Tree

One week before Christmas, we finally got our tree up! We had planned on getting a real tree and then purchasing a 9 foot artificial after Christmas when it would be on sale, but a day after we bought the real one, I found a 9 foot prelit one at Design World (my faaaaaaaavorite store. ever.) It was the display model and I knew I'd never find a better price. So I did something I never do and immediately purchased it. I usually have to think about things, go back for another look, think again but I knew I didn't have time for that. I was very pleased with the way it turned out and kept it up until a few days into January because I wanted us to enjoy it as long as we could! And my favorites...

Visit with Santa

I'm finally getting around to posting about our Christmas! It was wonderful and special for so many reasons. Here is our visit with Santa at Bass Pro Shops. Getting ready to leave Watching the trains with Daddy When it was time to see Santa, Grace said that she was NOT going to do it, which really surprised me because she jumped in his lap last year. After a little prodding she said "O.K." and walked right to him. I LOVED this picture so much! I can't say enough wonderful things about the Santa experience at Bass Pro Shops. We had never been because we'd heard how long the lines were, but we went on a Thursday night and there was no one. The photos were free and they let me take as many pictures as I wanted to with my own camera. There were so many other things to do and it was well worth the drive!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Sister

Dear Grace,
I wondered what kind of big sister you would be. You have been so excited about being a big sister from the moment we told you. You would go back and forth saying you wanted it to be a brother, and then a sister, so I don't think you ever really cared either way.

I had heard the stories of older siblings asking their parents if they could just take the new baby back to the hospital and hoped you wouldn't feel that way. During my last trimester your excitement REALLY kicked into high gear as we were getting things ready for bring Jack home, receiving gifts ans more. After each doctor's appointment I would come home and you would immediately ask if "Baby Jack" was here yet. We would tell you he was coming in November, which meant nothing to you. You finally understood when we were able to tell you that he was coming out of my stomach tomorrow! You came to the hospital that mornig in your big sister shirt. You were so excited to have all your favorite people in one spot to play with and had a few presents to open, including two LaLaLoopsy dolls that you've been asking for. If this isn't an excited face I don't know what is!

When Daddy finally brought you into the delivery room to see Jack, you were in shock! I don't think you really expected him to be there and you were beyond thrilled to see that he was.

Since we have been home, you have been the most incredible big sister. You love baby Jack so much, and it is the best feeling for your Mommy and Daddy.

You love kissing, touching, holding and anything else that has to do with your little brother. You would lay down on top of him and smother him with your love if we'd let you!

Photoshoots with you two don't really work out right now but I'm hoping one day they will!

You are such a help to me. You are able to hand me diapers and wipes and when Jack cries you will talk to him.

Jack is already your biggest fan and stares at you and even smiles. I hope you've found your lifelong best friend in him!

Grace, I am so thankful for you. You are the most precious, sweetest daughter and we are such blessed parents. I am looking forward to watching you and Jack grow up together and I hope the two of you will always be close, although thinking about you at 13 and him at 10 sounds like their might be a time where you are not so close! We are in trouble!

I love you sweet big sister!

Back to the Hospital

Jack's well appointment revealed that he had lost a little too much weight and his billy rubin levels were up. They weren't sky high by any means but with Thanksgiving being in just two days and the doctor's offices closing, our doctor suggested Jack spend a night under the UV lamp.

This little man LOVED his trip to the "beach!"

By this point I was the most exhausted I do believe I have ever been. I missed Grace and being home and thought a lot about how parents of children with serious, life threatening illnesses must feel. It really humbled me and I said several prayers that night thanking God for our health and happiness and every blessing He gives us.

Jack's morning blood test proved that the UV lamp had done it's job and his billy rubin levels were fine and we could go home!

First Days at Home

Here are a few pictures from our first days at home. Nanny stayed two days and then we were on our own, which I'm not going to lie was NOT easy at first! People always say that having one child is easy compared to balancing the needs of two and I am now a believer!

Jack was born on a Wednesday and Jon returned to work on Monday. Gigi was a huge help carting all of us around to Jack's first well appointment, getting Grace from school and errands in between.