Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire Grace!!

Dear Grace,
This wasn't your first birthday party to attend, but this is definitely the one you had the most fun at - because you're older and can do so much now! Daddy, you and Mommy drove to Alabama Park in Fort Payne to celebrate Claire Grace's 2nd birthday. Claire Grace is very special because she is Mommys AOII Big Sister's little girl and as Tabatha has decided, your future AOII Big Sister. It was a beautiful day and a perfect party!

Here you and Claire-Grace are admiring the party decorations... and probably talking about boys.

We will definitely use this decoration at your 2nd birthday! I wonder if Tabatha remembers giving me a goldfish during Big-Little week? That was my favorite present!

Very messy cake that made Mommy nervous.

You met a little boy who you couldn't take your eyes of for several minutes! (And I think that's hours in baby time!)

One of your favorite parts... you met ELMO!

We had a ball and want to wish Claire-Grace, our little Halloween darling, a happy happy birthday!

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