Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Scariest Moment of My Life

I feel the need to write a short disclaimer before I write this post: I am writing this knowing that I may make several of our family members and friends hearts drop to their toes, but the number one purpose in this blog is to document Grace's life, so if I left this out - I wouldn't be carrying out the blog's purpose. We also know that this "incident" most definitely ruins any chance of us being named "Parents of the Year." I hope you understand that Jon and I have learned from this mistake and thank God that Grace is sleeping peacefully in her bed tonight!

So here it goes: I got the hiccups this afternoon and when Jon got home I told him I was going to go lay down for just a few minutes to get rid of them. I layed down and moments later I heard Jon walking up and down the hallway, back and forth, all over the house (he had on heavy boots). And then he walked in and said what no mother wants to hear, "Is Grace in here with you?" I sprang up and leaped off the bed, ran out to the hall. I could immediately hear her crying but could not tell where it was coming from. I ran to the laundry room and realized it was coming from outside! I then ran outside to find Grace standing ACROSS the alley (10 feet from our back door... but still!) crying because she wanted to play on their swing set. I scooped her up, more terrified yet thankful that she was ok. I've always heard how quick little ones are but I have never fully realized that until today. The laundry room door had been left open and the back door obviously did not catch when Jon came in. The back door is really heavy but she some how managed to push it open. I am still shaken up about it hours later. Thank you, God for letting this be a lesson to us that as careful as we are, we can never be too careful and still have precautions to take. One day we might possibly look back on this and get a laugh... but for now, we sorta feel like the worst parents in the world.

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