Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Camera Fun

We have enjoyed a little time at home before our four Christmases begin. I've been playing with my camera, taking pictures of Grace of course! I've not learned nearly as much as I would like to about photography, but I have learned two things: 1) Turn off that darn flash! It's just not necessary to have on all the time. Turn on all the lights in your house, pull back the curtains and you'll get ggggorgeous pictures like this one...

2) With babies, it takes fifty pictures to get that "perfect shot" and if your baby is anything like mine, they can't be posed or planned for. Most of my favorite pictures just "happened" while I was snapping away.

Nanny (previously known as Grandmere, my wonderful mom) bought this dress for Grace last year. I love it!
What a beauty!!!



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