Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Grace got to wear her dress that her Nana made her again. No pinching here!

She brought home several cute things she made at school - I'm in love with them all!
Have you ever had a problem hanging up the things your kids make at school? You try to clip them up on the fridge but they just get dirty and crumpled. My pal Tiffany has the solution for you! I can't wait to do this myself but unfortunately I want this in my breakfast room and will have to wait until it's painted later this spring.
We made rainbow cupcakes that I found on my all time favorite DIY blog, Be Different... Act Normal. This gal posts no less than 4 crafts a day so she keeps my imagination running! The cupcakes were a little more trouble than I would have liked but they definitely make a statement!

After Grace's GREEN bath, we went to her room to get her pajamas on. She crawled up in her chair, which was no big deal. Until... she started grunting, and turning a little pink. As she got out of her seat I noticed that yes, she had left me a little pot of gold in her chair (poop). I sprayed it with stain/odor remover which meant that I had to turn it over and she could not sit in it anymore tonight. This did not sit well with her, but she didn't stay upset very long. We hope your week is going well! Although I am very busy with graduate school work and catching up on house work, I am enjoying every minute of being at home.


anna said...

She looks so cute in her dress! Glad you celebrated in a big way!

Tiffany said...

Baaahahhahahahah! I love that little girl!!!