Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mini Vaca.

I was never a racing fan until I got my first (and only) teaching job. Although I still would not call myself a NASCAR fan, I sure do love the three days we get off from school each time the race comes to town in April and October!
Jon's mother called Thursday night to see if we wanted to join them at the beach in Perdido Key this weekend. At first we said no, because Jon had a full plate of work to do this weekend, but it's not everyday that we get an offer for a free beach trip, so he swapped some things around (and most likely crammed it all into this week!) and Friday morning we were off! We knew going down that the weather would not be pretty on Saturday. We went for a walk on the beach that morning but had to stay in the rest of the day.

*After reviewing this post, I see that my baby has a mullet. Not just a little one, a full blown, out of control mullet!! I've noticed this developing for a while, but didn't want to take her for a hair cut because it's taken so long just to get this much hair. However, after seeing a still picture of the mullet in all its glory, I'm thinking it may be time for a trim after all! HA!
Grace LOVED feeling the sand between her fingers!

Grace and I were getting cabin fever by 3:00 so we headed out in the rain to find a little store I saw an ad for in the newspaper. The shop is called "Geez Louise" and it's located in the boardwalk with The Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores. I could have spent so much money in this store but I just bought the one thing I loved the most, a swimsuit cover up. If you love Christmas or Easter village-ish stuff then you will love this place. I can't find a website for this store but the next time you are down on the gulf coast, you've got to go in there!

Sunday morning, we woke up to much better weather! We were on the beach by 9:00. It was really windy so we only stayed out for about an hour but we had a blast!

Grace was way more into playing with beach toys than she was at our last beach trip in September.

I hope you are loving this hair! Like I said, it was windy!

We had lunch at this neat place on the bay

Jon, Grace & GiGi

Lunch was delicious!! Grace discovered ketchup which means lots of wipes and napkins.

After lunch it was time to get on the road and head home! Overall, Grace did really, really well riding there and back. Jon said this was our "spring training" for our road trip to Orlando coming up in June! Although we've been on several long car trips with Grace before, I did find a few things I need to tweak before we head to meet Mickey and Minnie. One of those being a seatbelt cover for her car seat. Tonight in the bath tub I noticed a bright red mark where her seatbelt comes together. I'll be on the look out for one of those - let me know if you know where to get them!
Thanks GiGi and Papa Charlie for a fun weekend!

Just a funny story: last night Jon and I went down to the hot tub. We had been there for about 10 minutes when two sorority girls (yes, I can call them with one glance!) showed up and asked if we would mind if they joined us. We, of course, told them to come on in. The hot tub was small but it was just two more people and besides that, it wasn't "our's" to begin with. Not 5 minutes later, two of their friends come bee-bopping along and say something like "Sorry for crashing your hot tub!" Of course, again we told them it was not a problem and Jon and I just scooted a little bit closer to each other. Within two minutes, another "sister" showed up and got in. The girls were very friendly. They were from Mississippi State and all in different sororities (no AOII chapter there, too bad!). Two minutes had not gone by and THREE more girls walked up and hopped right on in, not at all worried about the fact that there was not really room for even one of them. By this time I was nearly sitting on Jon and we looked at each other and both knew our hot tub time was over! The girls did apologize and said they hoped they hadn't run us off.... what would have given them that idea?!?!?!?!!!


Candi (and Emma, too) said...

It sounds like ya'll had a fun vacation! It's always nice to enjoy a spontaneous one. I LOVE the pictures of Grace in her swimsuit playing in the sand! She's SO adorable :). You look beautiful, too, even with the windblown look!

Thank you for the information about When I find a spare minute, I'm definitely going to check it out!

Tiffany said...

Hilarious hot tub story! That is just too funny! So much for alone time! I am so glad y'all are back. In the words of Mally "I was only". I will call you tonight. Gots to talk to you about some thangs! :)