Monday, April 19, 2010


Grace has a fever and light rash all over her body. We went to the doctor this morning to find out that it's just some kind of virus that will need to run it's course. Although she looks pitiful in this picture, she seems to feel great right now and has been enjoying Barney and Tiny Tots all day long!

On another note, my GaGa left this world two years ago today. I've thought a lot about our last week with him, sitting by his side for hours and holding his hand. Though it was such a time of sadness I am so happy that I was there and got to spend those last moments with him. Today I'm not sad, but very thankful to have had him in my life for 24 years. I know he is rejoicing with our Father in Heaven, and I look forward to the day I am right there with him!!


Candi (and Emma, too) said...

Bless her! It's pitiful to see those big eyes so sick looking, but I'm glad she seems to be feeling great :).

I'm sorry that you lost your GaGa. I know it's hard, but like you said, he's rejoicing in Heaven!

P.S. How did you do your Blogger Header? I want an easier way to do mine, because I've just been editing them myself, but the text winds up looking distorted :/.

Randi Stephens said...

AWWWW! Poor Grace! I hope she feels better!