Saturday, May 29, 2010

School's Out For SUMMER!!!

Yesterday was my last day of work and Grace's last day of full-time daycare!! She will still go two days a week for a few hours just to keep to a similar routine. They had FUN DAY yesterday and I got to stop by and hang out for a while!

It was really, REALLY hot and Grace was running around full force!

She loved the bounce house. It was just her size!

Driving with her sweet friend Charlie (I love this baby!)

She even went on the big kid slide with Miss Kylie!

Things took a turn for the worse about this time, because it was time for the little ones to go back to the baby house and I had to head back to work. A MAJOR fit was thrown and I felt so bad leaving her, but happy knowing that we will have two long months together! HAPPY SUMMER!!

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