Friday, July 30, 2010

Winding Down

Our summer is fading fast. Grace's last gymnastic's class was this week. She'll start back at a new place closer to home in September. She loves it so much but she's really not sure about me leaving the room and coming back. She spotted me when the class was almost over and started crying immediately. Why do babies and toddlers do that??

Saying bye to Mrs. Starr

Yesterday was Grace's last day in the "little house." I am SO torn up about this!

She is leaving 3 angel teachers (I didn't get a picture with Maw Maw but we will!). I am so grateful that God put them at Grace's school. They have taken such good care of her for the past 2 years and she is just crazy about Mrs. Sonya, Mrs. Shirley and Maw Maw!! I know she has to grow up and I know she will be so excited to join her "big girl" friends who moved up months ago, but I'm still sad. Mrs. Sonya made a cute bulletin board for the girls moving up...

In other news, my classroom is just about ready for 23 smiling new faces! Postcards have been sent and I have written my new student's name on just about everything I possibly can.

It all starts Tuesday! I go back to work and Grace moves into the 2 year old class. I am going to miss our days together SO MUCH. I have the best job in the world for a Mommy.

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