Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day of School

Dear Grace,
This is one of those days I will never forget. I need to start by saying how much I have loved spending about every second with you this summer. I wish it didn't have to end! I had been talking to you for a couple of weeks about going to Mrs. Michelle's class. I told you that you were a big girl and were moving up but you like to tell me "No Mommy, I wittle!" I tried to take your picture this morning in a different spot but when I asked you to move you told me "I can't! I can't!" When we got to school we started walking up the steps and you asked "Where's Maw Maw?" When you saw all the bigger kids eating breakfast you got really nervious which made me nervous but Mrs. Susan assured me that you'd have a great day and you'd be fine once I left. 9 hours later I felt like we had been apart for days and I was so excited to come pick you up! You were happy to see me, but not ready to leave. I had to pick you up and carry you out to get you to come home with me! Your teachers said you had a wonderful day and loved all the new things to play with, and especially loved being with your old friends!! And yes, you got a HAPPY FACE!
***I would LOVE to know who taught Grace to be a "Rina" today (ballerina). She came home doing this "I a Rina! I a Rina!" and she twirls around like a ballerina.

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anna said...

Oh my Gray Gray - you are not "wittle" anymore!!

Love you, Nanny