Saturday, November 27, 2010

Elf on the Shelf

We are starting a new tradition in our family this year, Elf on the Shelf!
This is a lovely book that comes with an elf.

The elf shows up at your home around the holidays and stays until Santa comes. His job is to check on the children in your house and report back to Santa Claus each night. When he returns in the morning, he might show up in odd places like in the chandelier, the refridgerator or the car. He loves to show up in the places that will really catch your child by surprise! The story tells you to name your elf. Some examples are Jingle, Markley, Bizzle, or Crumpet. After some deep thought, Grace chose the name "Christmas."

You are not supposed to touch the elf, or he will lose his magic. Try telling that to a two year old!

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Tristan said...

that is cool i have an elf too. but it is not called elf on a shelf .it is called elf magic . well happy holidays.