Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Before getting sick, we celebrated one of my favorite holidays in a big way! Our family and friends, including Grace's three best friends came over for some Halloween fun.

I absolutely love anytime I get to see these four together outside of school. They get so excited when they are together and it is so much fun to watch! Grace was a kitty cat courtest of her Nanny who made the skirt of her costume. I really didn't think Grace would wear a kitty cat headband so I had some hair bows made for her from our favorite bow maker, Mini Lee's.

Please notice the cones from the AT&T truck in the background. It was football night and our new Userve cable was not working right and Jon was having NONE of it!

Oh precious Tigue girls, how did we ever get through life without you two??

We loaded up in two wagons and headed out to trick-or-treat!

Our first stop, the Cabalerro house!

Grace was SO in to Halloween this year. She easily said "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank you" and was just so happy to have a bucket full of candy even though she doesn't know it's food. I don't know how I've pulled this one off but I'm pretty sure this is the last year before she knows what candy is!

Our neighborhood goes all out of Halloween and there are some pretty cute, and spooky things to look at.

We headed back home for Nanny's potato soup and a few more treats that I made.

This was without a doubt my favorite Halloween ever. It is so much fun to watch the joy and excitement come from our little girl. I know these precious years will not last forever, so I want to cherish every minute.

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