Sunday, December 19, 2010

Milk & Cookies with Santa

A couple of weeks ago we met up our friends at the mall to have milk and cookies with Santa.

These girls crack me up with how excited they get over seeing each other some where besides school! They had just spent the whole day together but being out in public was a THRILL! They got seated and started decorating their cookies.

Sweet Caroline

The Tigue Girls

"Pres-A-ley" as Grace calls her.

Then Santa came to greet us and the girls were ecstatic to see him (and know that the table was between them!)

Grace left her stickers on the chair, which I forgot about so I'm sure a mall worker enjoyed peeling those off!

The children gathered on the floor and listened to Santa read The Night Before Christmas.

I think Grace still had some icing on her lip because she kept licking it during the story!

When the story was over this precious little boy ran up the steps to the stage and jumped up in Santa's lap. It was so sweet!

I love that these little girls have so much fun together. They don't remember ever not being friends and I hope they'll be this close forever. I pray that Grace will always have sweet girlfriends who will build her up and be there for her.

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