Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ornament Swap

Last night we went to an ornament swap at Grace's friend Presley's house. The girls quickly found the toys and got busy. This gorgeous bedroom didn't stay clean for long!

Grace acted like she had never seen toys in her life and played for hours!

They stopped for just a few minutes to eat and were back to playing again!

I got a message from Fifi's mother saying that after we left, Fifi got very sick all over Presley's bathroom and nice bedroom rug. She said she thought Fifi had eaten a strawberry because it looked and smelled like that. Tiffany said she is allergic to strawberries. I started thinking back, and the girls were giving me orders for what they forgot to pick up through the "buffet line." Mallory and Fifi requested strawberries so I gladly grabbed two. And then when I looked through my pictures this morning here was the proof! I'm so glad she is ok!
This was the best group picture I could get. The big girls started singing Christmas carols to get the little girls to come sit by the tree. It was so sweet and I wished I had my Flip camera so bad.

I love how these girls can pretend play. Every few minutes one of the girls would get "sick" and have to sit in the "sick chair" while another one would be the doctor. I stopped in one time to hear Grace saying that she had a "fever." Haha!
It was a great night! I had so much fun visiting with friends and by the end of the night we knew Auburn was headed to the National Championship! WAR EAGLE!!

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