Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Back!!

Goodness gracious it's been forever since I've blogged! That is because this pregnancy has been SO different than my first. I remember being really tired, but the exhaustion I have felt this time around has been overwhelming. The last two months of school were hard and when I got home I just wanted to lay down and not move. Of course, with a two year old that is impossible so I'm sure that added to the tired feeling. I was also VERY sick during the first trimester and couldn't keep much down. I was never sick when I was pregnant with Grace. Most of the tiredness and all of the sickness has past now that we are in our 2nd trimester. I can catch a nap here and there with Grace now that we are on summer break and I'm feeling really good overall. Two weeks ago we found out why this pregnancy has been so different.... we are having a BOY!!! It was a surprise because I think we all thought this was another girl but low and behold it's a precious little boy and we are so excited to be parents of both a girl and a boy. I am now 20 weeks and everything looks good so far. God is so good!

Back in April we went to the beach with Gigi and Pop Pop. The ocean was freezing but it was nice to get away and play on the beach.

Sitting with Daddy

Nanny surprised Grace and I in a BIG way by coming down on Friday. We were thrilled that she joined us but we didn't get any pictures with Nanny. Boo!

It was a great trip!! This little fish had the best time!

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