Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daddy & Grace

It may be true that Grace is a bit of a "Mommy's Girl" but she LOVES her Daddy! I have to put this in the blog because it's one of those things that is so precious, but if I don't get it down, I might just forget. Last night we all woke up at 12:00am to Grace screaming and crying due to teething. Jon got up with her and walked her around, even took her out on the porch for fresh air. I fell back asleep but woke up when I heard our sliding glass door in the bedroom open up. I said, "What are you doing??" and Jon said, "Grace kept saying, "Dog!" so I figured she waned to see the dogs. "Dog" is not a new word but the fact that he would take her outside at midnight to play with the dogs, just because she wanted to, melted my heart. Granted, if she had not been teething, he hopefully wouldn't have gone for it but it seemed to make her feel better, at least for a few minutes.

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