Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to School!

Wow! What a week! Grace went back to her school full time and my "other kids" came back to school. Grace was so exhausted from getting up at 5:30 everyday that she took 2 hour naps at school (she had only been taken one hour naps) and fell asleep by 7:00 each night. I was right behind her! This has been the best first week of school I have ever had as a teacher. I have a wonderful class but boy am I worn out! Here is a picture from "our first day of school" together. I'll be glad when I can get her to smile on command! She is walking a lot more. It's still really just a "trick" to her but if I stand her up she will walk all around the room and she does it on her own sometimes. I find myself missing her so much during the day but it makes our afternoons a lot of fun!

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