Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Steps

At exactly 9:00pm yesterday evening, Grace Mills took her first steps!!! She had taken one tiny step a few times before but this time, she took three or four! It was very unexpected. I was sitting on the couch, still at Grandmere's, and Grace was playing with her pink jeep, as we call it. I had pretty much given up on her walking anytime soon and figured she would just do it when she was ready. I said, "Come here, Grace!" and what do you know? She did! I'm sure she had no idea that it would take three full steps to reach me or she would have just crawled. Using my cell phone as bribery, I was able to get her to do it a few more times. I hardly ever let her play with my phone because she has been known to make phone calls, but last night she could have had just about anything she wanted! As excited as I was, it's also bitter sweet. She is not a little baby anymore and is becoming more and more independent each day. Here are some pictures from our weekend at Grandmere's!

This was actually a few days before at our house. I decided to let Grace get into my pots and pans.

She loves to play in the dishwasher, too! At least it's clean.

One of her very favorite things to do at Grandmere's - climb the stairs!

Ready to head to the park!

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