Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Don't Let Her See You Laugh..."

I have to say two things to Grace a whole lot lately: "No!" and "Sit down!" She does such funny things that she really shouldn't be doing, such as throwing food, throwing her sippy cup and standing up on things like her pink jeep or rocking chair. Jon, my mom and I find ourselves laughing when we really should have a very stern look on our faces. This evening she began throwing her pasta pick-ups on to the floor. The way she was flinging them with such excitement made me laugh, so my mom said, "Don't let her see you laugh!" We literally have to bite our cheeks together to keep from laughing so hard. I have several pictures from our trip to Decatur to share, but I left my camera cord at home so they will come in a few days. Here is a picture from this past spring.

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