Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend with Nana & Grand Dad

A few weeks ago, Jon's dad and stepmom (Nana & Grand Dad) asked if they could take Grace to Vernon, Alabama where his dad's family lives. We agreed, and I know many of you moms who read this (all three of you!) are thinking, "How could you let her go away for the weekend???" Well, that's pretty simple. Grace has the best, most loving grandparents ever. I don't mean just the one's she's with this weekend. All of them love her so much and think that there is nothing better in the entire world than HER! Also, I trust them. She has spent so much time with Nana and Grand Dad because they have been wonderful to let her spend the night at least twice a month since she was about 6 months old, so I know she's happy to be there with them. Her cousin, Bella, lives in Vernon and the two of them have already played and played together and I think that's so wonderful and important. Grace won't have any other cousins her age so I want her to build a relationship with Bella, Jons cousin's daughter. Also, being the working mom that I am and with school starting on Monday, I knew that I would need this weekend to get the house organized and get things ready for me to go to school and for Grace to go to her school bright and early Monday morning. So do I miss her? Like crazy! I am so programmed to thinking about her for every little detail of my own life. Last night I kept thinking, "Is the TV up too loud?" and this morning as I scrolled through channels I caught myself looking for cartoons. Grace doesn't even watch cartoons! I can't wait for her to come home tomorrow. I didn't even get to tell her "Bye" yesterday because she and Daddy were still asleep when I left for inservice. She'll be home early tomorrow and we will do something special!

Until I can take a new picture of her myself... tear!

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