Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun Saturday at Home

Dear G,
You spent the night with Grand Dad and Nana Thursday AND Friday night, and then finally came home to a very happy Mommy on Saturday! We stayed at home, put up some more fall/Halloween decorations, watched TV, and played together.

You continue to pull everything out of any cabinet I will let you get into. One trip to Wal-Mart I will remember to get the things to baby-proof cabinets!

You loaded your car with cans of spray paint and other things out of my craft cabinet. How smart you are!

I was so excited to find this pajama set in the box with Halloween decorations. I bought it at Gap last year and it fits you perfectly!

Reading two books at one time, as usual.

Sitting in your car, watching Cheaper by the Dozen II, which you LOVED!

This looked so uncomfortable to me, but you decided to sit in
the part made for your "stuff" and made me push you around like this.

And of course, you played in your "little house" as I have started calling it. You play by yourself really well. I even find myself trying to play with YOU because you're totally fine by yourself most of the time.

I must mention, Grace, that your Daddy had the wrong time for the Auburn/Arkansas game. He thought it was at 6:30. I told him I thought that I had heard it was earlier. Grandmere called, wondering why Daddy wasn't watching the game. I turned the TV on to find that it was the end of the 3rd quarter and we were LOSING! We did end up losing the game but your Daddy took it pretty well. I feel sure he will never get his time for the game wrong EVER again! I think all of our family and friends would be shocked to know that this even happened at all!

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