Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pandemonium and a New Toy

Two posts in one day... can we say that blogging might be getting to be a little addicting?! It is, but I'm happy that at least on the weekends, I have time to keep track of all of Grace's special and even "ordinary" moments... for FREE I might add! No spending hundreds of dollars on scrapbooking.
Pandas are everywhere these days! From Wal-Mart to Gymboree, they are definitely "in" this fall! And we are buying them every chance we get!

When I was pregnant I remember reading in one of those parenting magazines to not blow money on toys. Instead, give your child old cell phones, keys and remotes and they will be perfectly happy. I would say that we definitely have not gone overboard with toys, although she does have her share. But apparently it doesn't take much to make this girl busy! I had gotten this box down to get some Halloween stuff out of and it appears to be multi-functional.
You can sit on it...

or push it...

You can pull it...

You can use it as a step stool to climb up on the BIG rocker until Mommy puts her camera down and says, "No-no!"

And with a little help from Mommy, you can even sit IN it!

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