Monday, November 9, 2009

Hurricane Grace

     Today my students and I were discussing Hurricane Ida and looking at some things on when we started talking about how hurricanes get their names. I started explaining what I knew (very little) and then quickly Googled to find the 2009 list of hurricane names. Turns out, we just missed Hurricane Grace by about a month! It was not a big hurricane and I think it was to the east coast. Grandmere says she's still here... in our house! And yes, this is Grace is one of her Christmas outifts. I figured I would put them on her whenever we have a chance and try to take pictures. If I start now, maybe I'll have one to put on a card by mid December.

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Life of the Rooks said...

I have already started dressing Leland in Christmas clothes as well. He has so many that I figure we needed to start now so he has a chance to wear them all!