Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look What Grace Found!

    Grace has a huge collection of stuffed animals, just like every other child in America. They've sat in a cubby for well over a year now untouched. I was busy cleaning this afternoon when I walked into her room to see that she had found them. She was so excited! It was like I had just gone out and bought them for her - she was thrilled! My littlest brother, Quentin, won the pink bear for her from one of those machines the day after Grace was born. He and the rest of my Dad's family were on their way here to see us. I know she's thinking, "Thanks, Uncle Q!!!"

     We stayed out of this nasty weather today. We are soooo excited about the week ahead! We have our usual four Thanksgivings to attend and the Iron Bowl party on Friday. I am so thankful for the best husband I could have ever dreamed of, a beautiful daughter, parents who love me and so much more.

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Libbie said...

Very is funny when kids find toys that have always been there! Looks like she had fun!