Monday, November 23, 2009

My Little Dare Devil Part II

     I don't have a picture to share today. I thought I'd wait until the bruise/knot in the very middle of Grace's forehead hits its full potential to show you. When I picked her up Mrs. Sonya (mine and Grace's favorite) said, "Mom.... we've got a bruise. She was standing on the Bumbo and waving her hands around as to say look at me, look at me!..." I stopped her. That's all I had to hear. I've seen this too many times on our coffee table, Grace's chair, rocker, rocking horse, you name it! Mrs. Sonya said she told her to sit down but instead she fell, right into the hard wood railing to the baby pen. The other mommies and I refer to this as the coral where the 1-2 year olds play. Anyway, she of course walked away with a "battle scar" to show off. Thank goodness she's ok. What am I going do to with my little dare devil???!

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