Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Grace's second Christmas was absolutely wonderful. This year was so different than last, so exciting and fun! She seems so grown up now and is constantly discovering new things. We left for Grandmere's house (who we have decided to call "Nanny" for now) on Christmas Eve's Eve. I asked Jon to give her a quick bath in Nanny's bathroom, which turned into this (thanks to a jacuzzi tub and some bubbles...

We put cookies and milk out, but I guess I got to tell Grace who they were for!

I baked a cake and we had a little "Happy Birthday, Jesus" party!!

Here's most of what what Santa brought Grace. I can't believe I thought for one second that she might not be getting enough! I have a video of her coming down to see her presents on Christmas morning that I will try to load later this week. She was very thrilled and surprised!

Some of her favorite treats form Santa were her kitchen and her grocery cart that she can push "Baaaaaney" around in. I know that I am probably waaaay old school for letting my child get so attached to Barney but I can't help it, she has just taken to him so much more than Elmo or any of the other characters. Too bad I can't find any Barney Live! shows any where.

It wasn't long until Grace got very sleepy. I think we all felt like doing this!

But it was time to get on the road for Round 2 at Gigi and Papa Charlie's...

Our three favorite nephews and niece (Peyton, Thomas and Lucy Taylor)

Are you still reading?? Bless you! We hope your Christmas was wonderful, too. Round 3 at Nana and Granddad's coming soon!

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