Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at Nana & Grand Dad's

We always go to Nana and Grand Dad's the day after Christmas. Each year they are so sweet to host a low key, relaxing day after we've been on the go for several days.

And just in case there was any question about whether we're nearing the "Terrible Twos", here is proof. Grace is throwing a minor fit because she did not want her matching doll to sit in her chair with her. Hey, growing up as the only child at my house, I know all about not wanting to share! Thanks for the outfit and doll, Nanny!

Grace, you also jump up and down and stomp your feet when something doesn't go your way, occasionally. I try not to laugh but it really is cute and funny.

And a big thanks to NaNa for the matching shoes - it makes the outfit complete!!

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Randi Stephens said...

I love this picture! Are you using the AV setting on your camera?