Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flower Girl

     That's right, Grace is going to be a flower girl!! Her Aunt Lacey is getting married in August and has asked  Grace to be a part of the big day. I told her that if she was brave enough to have a 2 year old in her wedding (25 months at that!), we would be honored! And it truly is an honor because she didn't have to ask Grace. Her fiance has nieces to fill the role but she loves Grace so much she wanted her to have a special part. So this should be interesting!!!

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Libbie said...

Oh that is so exciting! She will be sooo cute!

Sooo funny you noticed his diaper was full! I thought when I took the pic...should I change him first? Then I decided "No one will notice." My BFF called me too & had noticed too!