Friday, January 8, 2010

First Snow! (sort of)

You can't tell by looking at this picture, but it snowed. I know, if you live north of us you probably think we're crazy, but I promise there was snow! It only collected on the streets and sidewalks just a bit. I still thought it was worth getting Grace out in to have her picture made. As you can see, she could care less! It was absolutely freezing (reported 8 degree wind chill) so grandparents, don't worry. We were only outside for about thirty seconds. So here it is, Grace - your first snow!

Warming up inside with a good book.

Grace has done a couple of things lately that I hope I never forget. A few nights ago it was time for bed. I picked her up and handed her milk to her. She looked up at me and said, "Night-night." It was priceless! She has also started calling herself "Gace" thanks to her best buddies who call her that. It's really, really sweet!

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Randi Stephens said...

That is so precious! I love those boots! Too cute.