Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

Happy New Year! I sure do hope we get back to taking better pictures than this in the new year! Pretend the bib says 2010.
The three of us spent a quiet night at home. Jon grilled steaks and we ate off of our fine china and drank sparkling grape juice out of our Waterford crystal... something we had never done! It has just sat in our china cabinet for almost three years. On special occasions I've thought "We should eat from our pretty plates!" and it just never seemed to happen. It was kinda nice - I think we'll do it at least a few more times this year!

Nanny visited us today!! I appreciate all the times that she drives the two hours here and another two back home all in one day just to spend time with us and I KNOW Grace loves it, too!!

I am looking forward to many exciting things this year, such as completing my Masters' degree and Aunt Lacey's wedding. I have begun a diet which I already hate with a passion but something I am very, very ready to do. I considered telling all of you my "number" but have chickened out. Just please say a prayer for me. Food is my number one weakness but I think I can do it. Again, happy new year! May 2010 bring you blessings and everything your heart desires.

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