Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Babysitters

Grace had her first babysitters, outside of family that is. My dear friend, Tonya was in town so we decided Grace and I would come over. I met Tonya when I was a freshman at JSU. We clicked instantly and have been very close friends ever since. Her family lived just down the road from JSU and took me in as one of their own. I am also very close to her mom, Diane. Both Tonya and Diane were my bridesmaids. I don't think many brides have their friends' moms in their wedding but Diane is so special to me and it just didn't seem right to not have her a part of our wedding party.
At the last minute Tonya and I chose to go out to dinner. We could have taken Grace but her parents offered to babysit. They have been wanting to babysit since Grace was born so this was perfect. Grace was a little nervous at first because she hadn't seen Reggie or Diane in a while, but Reggie knew just what to do!

There is nothing this girl won't do for food! Once she knew these were her kind of people she started to cut up, showing everyone where her belly button was!

Tonya and I right before we left.

I'm so glad Tonya and I were able to get together. We're going to plan a trip to come see her at the beach very soon!

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