Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I loathe a fundraiser. I don't loathe a good cause... but I hate buying something I really don't want or need. The only thing I hate worse is asking someone else to do it. I would just rather make a donation. My only exception to this is Girl Scout cookies or snazzy wrapping paper which I will gladly buy in bulk. However, with children come at least 18 years of fundraisers so I'm going to do my best sales pitch...
Grace is selling candy bars to raise money for new playground equipment at her learning center.

They only cost $1. None of them have Golden Tickets but one lucky buyer will get there's with bite marks.

So, this is really just a plea to Grace's grandparents to please help us out and take one, or ten of these 40 candy bars out of our home! WE LOVE YOU! P.S. - Delivery is free and a visit from Grace is included!


anna said...

Nanny will take 20

Lil Monkey Designs- A Baby Boutique said...

LOL!! I thought about this same exact thing the other day when kid's were walking door to door in our neighborhood selling stuff!! I am NOT looking forward to it AT ALL!! Good luck with your candy sales! How can anyone resist that precious little girl trying to give you some yummy chocolate!