Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where did this weekend go?? Saturday I went with the Science Olympiad team I coach to their one and only tournament of the year. It was a LONG day but they racked up several medals so it was well worth my time to see such big smiles on so many of their faces! Jon actually deserves a medal hisself! He took Grace to an ALL GIRL birthday party. It was Presley's second birthday, and her dad was sick so Jon was the ONLY male at the party. Thank you for hanging in there, Daddy!!
Nanny came over Saturday to spend the night. She sewed these cutains for our dining room that I am over the moon for!

I still need to get some new lamps for the buffet. I'm thinking GOLD! Goodnight Ya'll!

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Jodi Mitchell said...

I love those curtains! She did a really good job! I think gold lamps would look great too!