Monday, March 29, 2010

Disney World... here we come!!

It's official! We will kick off our summer vacation with a trip to Disney World! The purpose of the trip is really to go to my stepbrother's graduation in Orlando, and even though I know Grace is probably too young to appreciate all that Disney has to offer, we couldn't pass up the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie! Jon and I have looked at prices for flights and compared them with what the cost would be to drive and sadly, it's going to be cheaper to drive. I am slightly terrified (ok, it almost makes me hyperventilate) when I think about being in the car for 10 hours with a little one. Grace is a wonderful car rider. She is so used to the two hour trips to my mom's but this is going to be totally different. Right now our plan is for on the day we leave, start traveling around 5:00pm and drive until we are too tired. Jon seems to think we will make it all night but I have serious doubts. If/when we get tired, we'll stop at a hotel and spend the night but like I said, Jon is hoping we don't have to do this. We plan on spending two nights in a Disney hotel and the rest of the time with my Dad and his family in Orlando. So, for all of you moms who have done long car rides with a toddler(s), do you have any advice? How can we make this go smoothly? Is that even possible?! We have a DVD player in our car... what are the other necessary things we'll need to bring? I would love to hear suggestions! Let the countdown to Disney begin!

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