Tuesday, March 30, 2010

21 Months

Dear Grace,
I don't do these often, not because I don't think that monthly milestones are important, I do! I just don't get around to it like I should. It is hard to believe that you are almost two years old! Your vocabulary amazes me each and every day. Just the other day you said the words apple, hat and Daddy and I about fell over when you came out with "Bye bye! See you!" Oh, how we love you more than anything in this world! Your hair is getting longer and thicker and oh so beautiful. You are growing so much, taller and heavier. You weigh 26 pounds now. You still climb on everything and we have to get on to you more than we want to because Daddy and I (mostly me) are so scared that you are going to get hurt. You know the sounds for a cow, duck, cat and as seen in this picture, fish lips. This is just such a precious time. You've become so sweet and finally give kisses and hugs when we ask! I ordered your birthday outfit yesterday and I am so excited about it, pink ofcourse. You know your "ABD's" as you call them and can count to 5 although it's not in order... haha! You love your friends at school and talk about them all the time at home. Hairbows are a must for every outfit as are bracelets, in your opinion. Although this was totally induced by me you have taken to all things girly quite well. We love you Grace Marie Perry!!!

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