Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We finally made it back home! Grace has been such a trooper this weekend! She was a perfect angel on the way to and back from my mom's. I think it is a huge feat to sit quietly and calmly through over a two hour car ride! Thank you Barney!
One thing that Grace loves to do at Nanny's is climb the stairs. This is ok sometimes when I can walk behind her but I do like to sit down every once and a while. This weekend I noticed that she would go sit on the first or second step and act like she was just going to sit and chill for a while.

And then before I could stand up, she was off!

She is such a mess!!

We did have our first "major boo boo." Ok, so major is a relative term that only mommies would understand. One of my mom's cats scratched Grace. In the cat's defense, she had been patient all weekend and put up with all of Grace she could stand and when Grace went to "pet" her, she had had enough.

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