Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Part 1

We hope your Easter was wonderful! This weekend has been super busy and I am going to crash as soon as a I finish this post, but it was so much fun being with the ones I love and reflecting on the most amazing event this world has ever seen. Grace had an Easter party and egg hunt at school on Friday. One of the sweet teachers took pictures for me.

This is Grace's good friend, Brayden. Grace's three best "girlfriends" have moved to the 2 year old class so she and Brayden are pretty tight! He is ALL BOY but precious. I have often thought that he and Grace favored each other. I think it's the hair!

We headed out Friday after work to my mom's. My dad was also in town from Orlando. After visiting with my mom, we headed over to see my Dad but Grace did not want to go (not that she had any idea where we were going, but she always loves to GO!). She wanted to stay with Nanny! This is so not like Grace because she almost always wants to be with us. I went and got in the car, and then had to go back in the house just to make sure that she was sure she wanted to stay and she was already busy on a puzzle. Grace, I am pretty sure that by choosing Nanny over Mommy and Daddy you just scored a full year of tuition to any college of your choice. My mom told me to get out of there and not come back in hahaha! The next day we went to eat the World's Best BBQ with my Dad and brother. I had a loaded pork potato and it was sooooo good.

We are looking forward to seeing my Dad and his family again in June!
Saturday afternoon and evening were spent buying some last minute Easter items (and I'm not sure what I was thinking by getting out at 7pm the Saturday before Easter... it looked very similar to Christmas Eve!!!) and finally, we dyed Easter eggs.

Something that has nothing to do with Easter, but makes me laugh...

Grace's new favorite thing to do at Nanny's is to get into the shower and close the door. Stay tuned for pictures from Easter. This traveling momma is exhausted! HAPPY EASTER! He is RISEN!

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Life of the Rooks said...

Your looking great Laurie! It looks like you have been doing a great job on the diet since New Years! Grace is cute as ever and I'm glad you all had a great Easter!