Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Dad Meets Pioneer Woman!!!

Pardon me while I interupt your Mother's Day to tell you that my Dad met THE Pioneer Woman last night. Not only did he meet her, he drove her to her book signing! My dad lives in Orlando, Florida and last week he picked up a second job chauffeuring people from a hotel near Universal to where ever they need to go. He picked her up, having no clue who she was. They got to talking and she told him she was a cookbook author known has The Pioneer Woman, so he asked her if she had heard of Cotton Country Cooking (if you're from North Alabama you know what I'm talking about) and she said she had BOTH of the Cotton Country Cookbooks! This just made my day! He said Ree was sooooo nice and compassionate and they talked the whole way to her book signing. It's just really neat when you have someone pictured in your mind to be a good, nice person and then you (or your Dad) meet them and they are even better in person!!

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