Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to wish three very special ladies a happy Mother's Day! Nanny, GiGi and NaNa - I hope your day is wonderful! You all mean so much to Jon, Grace and I. Being parents would be so much harder without you, so thank you for being the best Grandmothers ever! We'd just be lost without you. Grace is SO loved even if it does make her a little rotten!
I spent all day Friday on the couch, with strep throat. I'm finally starting to feel a little less like there are razor blades in my throat. I am just praying Jon and Grace don't catch this.
To all my Mommy friends, have a wonderful day!! I'm thinking of you all! If you would, please say a prayer for a friend of mine, Cilla. She and her husband, Charlie, have recently begun the adoption process. From what I understand, they are looking to adopt a baby who is some what close by. They are working on their family album to show expectant mothers seeking to give their baby up for adoption (and wow! What a brave and tough decision that must be!) Please pray that God guides Cilla and Charlie to the right family and most importantly the baby that needs them most. They are such a wonderful, God loving couple who would make terrific parents.

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