Wednesday, May 5, 2010

School Days

Our school days our quickly winding down - praise the Lord!! I know I am ready for summer! Mrs. Sonya was so sweet to take some pictures for me while Grace was at school.

Giving Brayden a "Good Morning!" hug.

We refer to this as "The Pen."

Time for snack!

I snapped this picture today of Grace with two of her besties, Mallory and Fifi.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to say how thankful Jon and I are to have three wonderful teachers who love Grace (and all the babies) so much. Mrs. Sonya, Ms. Shirley and Maw Maw - we love you!
**On the ride home from school yesterday Grace kept saying, "Time out, Brayden!" or "Time out, Pressy (Presley)!" so this got me thinking, does Grace go to time out at school?? We have to do it occasionally at home. Today I asked Mrs. Sonya and thankfully she said that it is very rare that Grace does something to warrant a time out. Citizen of the Year, I tell you!! HA!

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