Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Changes and MORE Tumbling!!

After I said that Grace wouldn't go near her potty, how did she surprise Mommy this morning? By happily going to her potty and using it!!!! This is her second time to use it at home so maybe we are on to something. I could tell that she really knew what she had just done and was much more pleased with herself than last time, and of course, I made a HUGE deal out of it so she would know how happy I was!

We just took the side of her crib off but so far it doesn't seem to make her sleep better. Grace wakes up between 2 and 3 every night and yes, I take the easy route and just put her in bed with Jon and I. Our neighbor's flood lights stay on ALL NIGHT LONG and they shine into Grace's room. A trip to Lowe's to get black outs is in the near future!

Last night was Grace's second gymnastics class.

How sweet these girls are!!

Grace had a great time turning flips and I feel like we are definitely headed for the summer Olympics in another 12 years.

However, her bf, FiFi was not so sure about it this time and clung to Mommy for a little while.

Hurricane Chandler was having none of gymnastics but did love the water fountain!

In other news, Grace will be TWO tomorrow! Is it normal to be depressed over this?? I love that she is growing up and doing new tricks all the time but it makes me so sad that I can never go back to her being a little baby.

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