Saturday, June 26, 2010


I picked up Grace from school on Friday and to my surprise, she was not in the "baby house." They had taken her over to the "Big House" to see how she liked it. She will be moving to the two year old class in the fall and they were low on two years olds that day so they let her spend the day with them. She had a wonderful day and got a "happy face!"

It makes me both happy and sad for her to move up. She will be leaving three precious teachers who she has become so close to. She has been with them since she was 3 months old and loves them so much. But I also know that she can't wait to be with her buddies who have already moved up and I think she is going to learn so much in the 2 year old class! Some of her other 2 year old friend already know how to write their name, the months of the year (as long as it's in the song!) and how to speak a few words in spanish.

Now, for a potty update. We've bought books and DVDs and talked about pottying for a while now. She got a princess potty for Valentines Day and we've done a lot of looking at it, standing on it and taking it a part. One morning at the beginning of this month we woke up and I noticed her diaper was dry. So I took her straight to the potty and she filled it UP! We celebrated, took pictures, and made a big deal out of it. I just knew we were headed for big girl panties. My little girl never ceases to remind me that I don't know nearly as much as I think I do! HA! Since that morning, she does not even want to talk about getting back on the potty. She will even cry if I ask her more than once to please try and go potty. So I've been backing off, because obviously she's just not ready. We did pick up our first pack of pull-ups today and she is very proud to wear them!

What are your potty training tips??

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Tiffany said...

My only advice is to quit cold turkey. No pull-ups! Big girl panties! Mallory and Sophia would just use their pull up because they knew it would be alright and dry. However, little undies make them realize they can't! I know it's a mess but totally worth it! Also, ask over and over, "Need to go potty?" Maybe every 30 minutes. I would put Grace in a pull-up before she goes to bed but not during the day! :)