Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Orlando Trip Part 1

We're back!! Our trip was wonderful! I don't think I've ever packed so much into 5 days! The drive down only took 9 1/2 hours and that was a few less than I expected. We stopped just twice and Grace was a perfect angel the entire way. I don't think she cried the entire time and this was a blessing to her Momma who was fearing the worst! Friday afternoon we arranged for Grace to be the Honorary Duck Master at The Peabody Hotel.

We had planned to take her just to see the ducks walk back to their penthouse. My stepmom said that you could call few months ahead of time and be the Honorary Duck Master and walk right beside the "real" duck master and help him. Wishfully, I called the hotel and to my delight they did not have a child to help them that evening!! So we quickly got dressed and headed to The Peabody!

Grace LOVED the fountains, the water and of course, the DUCKS!

The Duck Master was so nice! He went out of his way to make this an over-the-top event for us.

Here we go!!

It was hard to get pictures of Grace because the hotel guests crowd the red carpet as if the President was coming through! You can tell Grace is taking this job very seriously.

We then got on the "Duck-evator" to take them to their home.

The ducks speed up BIG TIME once they get off the elevator because they know they are getting close to dinner.

Good night, duckies!!

The duck master gave Grace a big, nice certificate and an official Peabody Hotel rubber duckie. This was so much fun!!!


Tales of a Peanut said...

SOOO Cool! I have to remember this in case we're ever near The Peabody!

Tiffany said...

OH HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! She looks like she is serious! That is just precious! I CANNOT wait to see more pictures!!! Glad y'all are back!