Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day!! This weekend has been wonderful for two reasons: 1 - I didn't have to work today and 2 - we did a lot of nothing the whole weekend for the first time in I don't know how long. It was NICE! Grace has been kind of sick for well over a week now. We have been to the doctor twice and if she doesn't get better within another day, we'll be going right back. It is painful to watch her cough so hard and I just don't know why it won't go away. We've done antibiotics, a shot and around the clock breathing treatments and it really has not gotten any better. She spent Friday at home with Nana and then spent the night so I did enjoy some extra rest. Saturday I enjoyed a massage which was a graduation gift from a very sweet friend of my mother's. We spent Game Day at home and thankfully Auburn had a fabulous first game.

Grace finally decided that she loves her "mot-a-cycle" which was a birthday present from GiGi and Pop Pop. She has been scared of the noise it makes but for whatever reason she hopped right on it the other night and has played with it ever since.
Labor Day means one sad thing around here - no more white pants or seersucker! So I made sure to dress Grace in an outfit that we won't get to see again for a while...

Have yall seen the commercial for Pillow Pets? I have been talking them up to Grace for a while and I just knew Santa would bring Grace one or two for Christmas. Well, as soon as we walked in Martin's this morning there were shelves full of Pillow Pets and Grace. went. WILD! There was no turning back or telling her "We'll get it later." Heck no. So I figured Santa could bring one of the other 73 pets for Christmas and she could have this Ladybug for now.
She loves it! Took a nap with it and is falling asleep with it now. That is what I call money well spent!

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