Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend in Decatur! We watched a lot of football and thankfully, the Tigers pulled off their fourth straight victory! Grace wore her team colors to school on Friday.

This is a girl who does not care to have her picture taken!

We went to Krogers where they have cars for your small children to ride in and this is supposed to make shopping a pleasure. However, it was much more trouble than it was worth! I felt like I was pushing around the bread truck or something! Grace kept getting in and out and it was no fun for me at all.

Over the weekend Grace was put in time out at least 3 or 4 times. She is really trying to figure out what she can and can not get away with, pitching major fits when she doesn't get what she wants and making me have to take deep breaths and count to ten several times a day!! HA! Thanks Mom, for a nice, easy going weekend and delicious meals! And thank you to Meme for putting up with all of us! Poor Meme... a house full of people makes her nervous but she handled it well!

On a side note, I am loving this cooler weather and I hope it lasts all week! However, it is 66 degrees outside and I'm pretty sure that does not call for heavy Northface jackets and fleece pants like I saw in the grocery store today. I guess some people just got a little excited!

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