Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

It seems like I'm behind on everything! I'm behing on house work, behind on sleep, and definitely behind on blogging. We spent the weekend at my mom's and headed out Saturday morning for Tate's Farm. We had high expectations for a nice fall day at the pumpkin patch and hoped for some good photo opportunities. Grace did have a lot of fun, but Nanny and I were hot as fire because it was 90 degrees and we were dressed for, well about 60 degrees! This didn't stop Grace at all but we probably didn't stay as long as we wanted to. It should not surprise me one bit that when we go to these kinds of places Grace likes doing the stuff we can do anywhere the most.

Her favorite part was the Corn Crib!

What a difference a year makes (and 50 degrees!)

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