Sunday, September 19, 2010


I took Grace back to the doctor (3rd visit in 3 weeks) on Wednesday. I could tell she was getting worse and even though she didn't have a fever, her chest sounded terrible. I was determined to get an answer to this ongoing problem and I did not want to be told "It just has to run its course." My mother's intuition was telling me that if it ran its course any longer we'd be in the hospital. This time we went to Dr. P himself instead of his other clinic. He is a fabulous pediatrician and is so detailed, I wanted to kick myself for not going directly to him before now. He was very concerned with why this had been going on for so long as well and after a second set of chest x-rays he felt like she definitely had Pneumonia. Her high white blood count confirmed this so he started Grace on a shot of something I can't remember, and all this medicine.

We went back to the doctor on Thursday morning to be rechecked and thankfully, she was already much better. She is barely coughing now and can go back to school tomorrow which I know she will be excited about. Dr. P is concerned that Grace may have allergies or even worse, asthma, because she gets chest congestion sooooo much. She will be taking a breakthing treatment every morning and night for the next couple of months and hopefully that will kick this problem. Although there are worse illnesses to have, I pray it is not something she has to live with! She doesn't mind hanging out with her penguin friend as long as Mickey Mouse is on!

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Tristan said...

Poor kid, hope she get better. Hi Mrs. Mills I miss you so much. I can tell you how cool AZ is, but you take care of that baby and i will talk more later. I love my new school. Well you are the best teacher. Come and check my blog.