Thursday, September 16, 2010


Grace has started "nastics" at a new place. Everyone we talked to said THIS was the place to take gymnastics in our area and from what I've seen, they were right!

I feel like I'm watching the summer Olympics everytime we go. The older girls are amazing and have obviously been working hard for years. I love watching them on the bars! But my favorite little gymnast is this cutie, ofcourse.

She loves that I can watch her and isn't the least bit nervous since I can stay near by. I think it works out better this way because I don't get involved with the class but she knows I'm there (with camera in hand!)

Doing the butterfly...

A lot of the pictures I took are blurry because they have a sign saying no flash photography and I certainly wouldn't want to be the reason that someone on the beam crashes to the floor!

Grace loves Nastics, and loves doing it with her best bud Fifi!

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