Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I am sending out New Year's cards this year. I just couldn't pull it together for Christmas but I'm really happy with how these turned out. I still have some pictures from Christmas to post but I also wanted to take time today to talk about New Year's and list my goals for the new year. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Jon's sister, Kelli's house last night and were in bed well before midnight, just as we like it! I thought it would be fun to have sparklers for Grace and she and I held a few together and she loved the "sparklees." The fun came to a screaching halt when the tip of it flew off and hit her thumb. I just happened to catch this on my flip. Can we say DHR???
There are a few things I really want to accomplish this year. Last year I made a resolution to lose a lot of weight. I only lost about 10 pounds and it has all come back so today I will say that I just want to make a big effort in 2011 to eat healthier, to shop healthier and to stay away from fast food. I am going to have to pray about this one! Other things I would like to accompish in no particular order... -Paint/decorate our breakfast room. I've been saying I'd like to do this for a long time now. It's time to do it! -Find a church home. We have been to few churches in this area over the past couple of years and we enjoyed them but they just never felt like home. This is something Jon and I need to spend more time praying about and searching for. -Take more pictures of our family together. I take plenty of this precious face but if I don't have a full face of make up and cute outfit on I stay behind the camera. I know, so vain! No matter how chunky I think my cheeks are or if my second (or third!) chin is showing, I need to post more pictures of us together. This blog is such a wonderful and free gift for Grace to look back through one day and I want her to see what Jon and I were like when she was little. -My mom gave me this great book in my stocking for Christmas... I think it may take the entire year to fill out completely but I hope to finish it for Grace is 2011. I love the new year. I love getting a fresh start. I wish all of you blessings this year! Happy 2011!!!

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